Launch year: 2015
Country: France
Funds raised: 2.5M €

365 Talents: SaaS platform that enables HR to detect and mobilize key skills of their teams in real-time

Concept description

365 Talents is a Lyon-based startup born in 2015. Since then, it raised €2,5M funds. Its major investors are Axeleo Capital, Alliance Entreprendre, Kreaxi, Crédit Agricole, and Ventech.

The company counts now more than 40 employees and has three offices: Lyon, Paris and New York City.

The startup provides a SaaS solution for Human Resources Management, able to optimize the allocation of the employees based on their best personal skills. To do so, the solution uses Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Value proposition

365 Talents helps HR teams facing major talent management challenges. For instance, the solution can help with mobility, skills mapping, workforce planning and other organizational transformations.

365Talents also develops a real AI platform based on machine learning and NLP algorithms, regardless of the language. Thanks to this solution, HR professionals are able to pair instantly every employee’s expressed competences, with internal personalized opportunities such as jobs, projects, and training.

The main areas of competence are:

  1. Workforce Planning,
  2. Internal Mobility,
  3. Internal Talent Marketplace,
  4. Upskilling,
  5. Strategic Workforce Planning.

The data is collected and used following the latest and best practices related to the security of connections and data. Moreover, 365 Talents software architecture scales easily and seamlessly for account customers.

Illustration (Video)

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