Aberdeen has leveraged the use of digital primarily for increasing business by strengthening marketing initiatives and brand presence online

Country: ScotlandAberdeen
Year: 1983

Aberdeen’s main focus with digital is to enrich product information online, increase brand presence, enhance reach in target markets, share content and investment advice; for which it has partnered with several digital media companies globally

Digital Vision

  • Aberdeen has primarily used digital as a means to reach out to its’ direct customers by strengthening brand awareness initiatives
  • Aberdeen has proven that success in digital is not only defined by launching a multitude of fancy mobile applications but also by strongly leveraging the digital medium to strengthen positioning online. For example, the partnership with Oban digital to determine the local search intent of AAM’s customers and improve Pay Per Click (PPC) and then amplify Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance in core markets
  • It is also not necessary to drive marketing or branding-related projects within the company, but identify the best local players and create win-win partnerships
  • Aberdeen has, however, identified the need and importance of digital – and thus they hired a highly seasoned executive to drive their business development with a focus on digital transformation

Recent Initiatives

  • Aberdeen hired OBAN digital to deliver the right insights for their brand across each of their target markets. The objective of this partnership was to synergize the local search intent of AAM’s customers and improve Pay Per Click (PPC) and then amplify Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance in core markets
    • As a result, Aberdeen saved costs consistently with reduction in waste and improvements in key metrics such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR) and even conversion rates
  • In June 2014, Aberdeen Asset Management engaged CDS Digital as their Web Technology delivery partner in order to improve the clarity, quality and effectiveness of communication while extracting more value from Aberdeen’s data and information
  • In May 2013, Aberdeen chose dianomi’s content marketing platform as a key digital distribution channel for the roll out of their first-ever global brand advertising campaign in 30 years. The content marketing activity focused on promoting content from Aberdeen’s Simply Aberdeen microsite
    • The individual articles and videos within the Simply Aberdeen site were promoted across dianomi’s network of premium financial publishers and geo-targeted to over 20 countries
  • Dog Digital (EU and Asia) worked closely with Aberdeen’s branding team to interpret their offline work and bring it online from a marketing point of view. They used the methods of filming, 3D and flash animation. Altogether, the campaign included 165 online ads, across 5 creative executions, 32 formats and 11 languages
    • As a result, Aberdeen‘s online visibility and brand footprint massively increased across Europe, Asia and US
  • In October 2012, VeriFone Media ran Aberdeen’s first ever digital campaign that included a 30 second video promoting Aberdeen Asset Management’s portfolio of private investment products in more than 3000 taxis across London, alongside 100 taxis that carried the Aberdeen videos etc. until February 2013

Keywords: asset management; brand awareness; mobile application; partnership

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