Launch year: 2016
Country: India
Funds raised: $143 million

Acko – The No Brainer Choice for Insurance

Concept description

Acko started in 2016 as India’s first digital insurer. It is a general insurance company with the mission to make insurance claims stress-free. Acko offers customized prices, instant policy and super-quick claim settlements. Furthermore, it launched innovative products like trip insurance, electronics cover and hotel-stay insurance.

The innovation lies in a fully digital client journey and a client-centric approach.

Value proposition

Acko General Insurance is a new-age online insurance policy provider that offers its entire operations through a digital platform. Firstly, the client gives a call or files a claim online and then experiences speedy cashless claim settlements. It is 100% digital, easy and effortless. As a result, clients can forget paperwork and access all the services with just a few clicks online. Acko offers zero commission, zero paperwork & superfast claim settlements.

The value proposition is fully client-oriented. Therefore, it can address the main pain points along the value chain, such as waiting time or loss of efficiency in information and documents storage.

Illustration (Video)

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