Advanon is an invoice financing platform, offering a simple solution for SMEs to manage cash flow.

Country: Switzerland
Year: 2015


  • Advanon has developed a simple and flexible tool that improves liquidity for SMEs.
  • SMEs can pre-finance their open invoices up to 90% of the total amount.
  • The financing is done by a series of investors.
  • Therefore, it prevents SMEs from having  to wait several days before their customers pay.

Consumer Benefits

  • Flexibility: The user can upload easily the invoice to be pre-financed, and customized the financing.
  • Financing in 24hours: On the platform, the invoice is uploaded and funded within 24 hours.
  • Transparency: Advanon regroups a large number of investors, which guarantees the best offer for the user. Advanon does not charge hidden fees.

How To Use

  • The user uploads the invoice that needs to be pre-financed.
  • The user determines the amount of the fee. The fee depends on the company’s turnover, the invoice value and the number of days until the investors is paid.
  • After an investor has decided to pre-finance the invoice, the user receives the money.
  • Advanon’s tool offers to the user dashboards to get an overview of its financed invoices.
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