Launch year: 2015
Country: Hong Kong
Funds raised: US$ 202m

Airwallex is a fintech company redefining payments globally.

Concept description

Airwallex helps businesses to scale globally with their advanced payment technology stack. The Airwallex API suite enables low-fees, fast and transparent cross-border payments. It encompass the entire international payment value chain, from international collection and payments to foreign exchange and cards.

Value proposition

Payments & FX

  • Competitive FX rates for all currency conversions.
  • Financial Controls and user access management allow one employee to set up payments while another approves.
  • Set up batch payments to overseas employees or regular suppliers to save time.


Global Accounts

  • Open GBP, EUR, USD, AUD & HKD accounts without visiting a bank branch – skip waiting time and excessive forms traditionally involved in opening bank accounts.
  • Integrate with global online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Paypal, and accept payments in local currencies.
  • Zero monthly fees with no minimum transactions. Global accounts are fee-free to open and maintain.



  • Instantly create new virtual Visa cards, which are available for immediate use.
  • Save on subscriptions in foreign currencies and overseas business travels
  • Enjoy interbank FX rates with no international transaction fees.

Illustration (Video)
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