Launch year: 2018
Country: France
Funds raised: NA

Alertcys, the platform for corporate whistleblowers

Concept description

The National Chamber of Court Bailiffs launched Alertcys in 2018, a digital platform that allows whistleblowers to make an alert within their company

  • For the person willing to alert on a subject : their confidentiality is guaranteed
  • Alertcys technology relies on blockchain. That allows to prove the alert deposit without ever revealing a name.
  • Alertcys is working with the Rennes-based start-up Woleet to anchor its data in the blockchain.
  • The platform is free for the whistleblower and cost 300€/year subscription for the company, 300€ per alert validated by the bailiff.

Value proposition

The company chooses as a platform to manage its alerts and inform its employees and service providers.

  • It enables an intervention of a professional legal trusted third party to guarantee the rights of both parties.
  • Simple, economical, confidential, the platform offers a tool to comply with French law.
  • Alertcys meets the obligations of companies and local authorities with fifty employees to provide a platform allowing employees to issue alerts in a strictly confidential manner as of January 1, 2018.

Illustration (Video)

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