Launch year: 2015
Country: United States of America
Funds raised: 200 Million

Alternative Asset Management Platform YieldStreet

Concept description

***Under Review by Fred Béland***

Yieldstreet is an alternative asset management platform that exposes investors to alternative asset classes with low correlation to the stock market.

Accredited investors can buy into funds with exposure to Real Estate, Art, Private Placements, Litigation, and other commercial ventures. This is done through various funds and 401k investment vehicles.


Value proposition

In the area of wealth management, Yieldstreet is democratizing alternative asset management by lowering the barrier to entry to an investment universe that was previously exclusive to the well connected.

Yieldstreet offers an avenue to invest in asset classes that are not typically available retail investors. These investments may be illiquid but they offer the opportunity for higher returns.

Through their online platform, users have a one stop shop to invest in a wider universe of assets and those investments can earn returns of 8 to 20%, which generally outperforms the market.

These returns also have a low correlation to stock market returns providing ample hedging opportunities.

Although the offerings are currently limited, more portfolios are being added all the time.

Illustration (Video)

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