Launch year: 2012
Country: France
Funds raised: 2M €

Anaxago aims at becoming a digital Private Bank

Concept description

  • The origins and first developments
    • Anaxago launched its activity in 2012 in the still emerging French sector of equity-crowdfunding. The platform offers its community the opportunity to invest directly into French startups and SMEs, which was previously inaccessible to private investors with low funds.
    • Two years later, Anaxago was approached by a real-estate developper interested in getting projects crowdfunded. Few months after that, Anaxago decided to broaden its investment sectors and raised €1,8M  trough its platform to finance its first real estate project. Thus the platform created an investment offer in new housing construction in 2014.
  • Purpose and offer evolution
    • Anaxago aims at becoming a 100% digital private neo-bank and continued to expand its investment offer by creating Anaxago Capital, an asset management company. It offers investment products targeting niche sectors to institutional investors, as well as individuals, with a high risk/high return potential.
    • To complete its value proposition, the three founders created Anaxago Patrimony in 2019, a personalized wealth management offer, in order to increase from €200M invested at the end of 2019 to €1 billion by 2022.

Value proposition

  1. Participate in the growth and financing of French SMEs
    • Investors can participate to direct Private Equity investment in multiple sectors (biotech, proptech, edtech, fintech and more), or Real Estate through multiple modalities (Mutual Funds, rental investment, SCPI), with an entry level as low as 1,000€.
    • The community  can meet and discuss directly with entrepreneurs during numerous events organized by the company.
    • The funds raised allow companies to recruit new teams, launch research and development programs, internationalize or accelerate their access to a market.
    • Investors can also benefit from tax reduction of 18% thanks to a specific French tax scheme.
  2. Transparency and easier access to information
    • To ensure a coherent risk/return ratio for its customers, the company has strict selection criteria. The selection rate of candidate projects is 3%.
    • Each investment opportunity posted on Anaxago has a clear and transparent investment file presenting all the documents related to project’s analysis.
    • After their first investment, customers have access to their own Portfolio on the website. They can also consult all information related to their investments, including quarterly reportings. Online advisers are also available to answer questions throughout investment’s lifecycle.

Illustration (Video)

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