Anodot provides companies with real-time business insights through anomaly detection and data analytics

Country: USA
Year: 2014


  • Anodot provides valuable business insights by providing real time analytics and an automated anomaly detection system.
  • It is capable of detecting the smallest anomalies and correlations in extensive data sets.
  • The system is not only able to detect individual anomalies, but also detect patterns and correlate one anomaly with another.
  • Anodot is integrated with an alerting tool which will automatically provide updates that the user is then able to investigate further.

Consumer Benefits

  • Anodot can not only detect issues, but detect anomalies at such an early stage, that they can be managed before they ever become a serious problem.
  • The system uses a scalable SaaS platform that can be extended to many different business areas.
  • The technology reduces business insight latency and enables rapid business decisions through real time analysis.
  • Information is intelligently grouped together through behavioral correlation to provide a unified alert when applicable.
  • The platform allows the user to view the metrics by providing a full suite of functions.

How to use

  • Consumers first need to contact one of the Anodot solution engineers to set up the account.
  • The next step is to send the data that will be streamed into Anodot’s cloud.
  • Anodot will then be able to detect anomalies and give business insights.


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