Api.ai enables developers and companies to integrate voice interfaces into their apps and devices

Country: USA api
Year: 2015

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Voice interface for an insurance company app: Integrate voice recognition and command, starting with one selected app (ex: banking operations).
  • Voice interface for connected objects: Integrate voice recognition and command.
  • An insurance company customer service: Improve servicing through automated chat, while lowering operating costs.
  • Move from in-house development to integration of best-in-class tools: Api.ai being an open-source solution, it can be used easily to provide an enhanced UX.


  • Api.ai launched an open-source platform enabling integration of intelligent voice recognition features for 14 languages into existing products and services such as mobile apps, wearables, robots, automotive industry, smart home devices and smart TV to create voice-enabled user interfaces including speech recognition, natural language understanding and user queries.
  • Api.ai offers its users 2 pricing options: a free one (full access to Api.ai Natural Language Understanding* tools, unlimited API calls and unlimited number of apps) and a chargeable option designed for companies (24/7 support and ability to embed voice recognition into software from the company’s own servers and therefore keep complete privacy).
  • Api.ai is also the company behind Assistant, a first of its kind conversational assistant app created in 2010 that now has more than 20 million users and is the highest rated assistant app available, considered as an alternative to Siri by Apple.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy to use: Api.ai users are guided through an explanation video, a quick-start module and unlimited API calls for assistance.
  • Flexibility: Api.ai adapts to over 10 various platforms and coding languages, including Android, iOS, Apple Watch, Windows Phone, Python, JavaScript…
  • Auto-learning: The more data and use cases are fed into Api.ai, the smarter the system becomes.

How to use

  • Users sign up for free on the Api.ai website and fill up a registration form with their name, email and password. Once their tool has been created, users see a test console appear on the right to make sure it is working.
  • A presentation video and quick-start module are available to guide users.
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