Launch year: 2016
Country: United States of America

Artificial Intelligence platform KnomAi Automates Processes and Knowledge

Concept description

KnomAI offers a platform for users to automate their workflows through an artificial intelligence, no code tool.

Through the combination of  Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and algorithmic scripts, clients can simply build automated Workflows in a user-friendly environment. This is all done without the reliance on the support of technology teams or a deep understanding of coding.

There has been a surge in artificial intelligence and Robotic Process automation solutions in the market over the past 4 years since KnomAI debuted. There has also been an increased offering of low and no code solutions as of late. However, what sets KnomAI apart from their competitors is the ease of use. Other platforms can sometimes have a steep learning curve or be difficult to navigate. KnomAI is more user friendly.

Users no longer need to have a degree in computer science to automate their workflows and streamline processes. This availability means the potential for large scale user adoption, especially when accounting for wide selection of relevant industries who will find the platform beneficial.


Value proposition

KnomAi is useful for most industries, and offers solutions which are particularily useful for:

  • Compliance Assessment and Remediation

  • Risk Monitoring and Management

  • Third-Party Onboarding and Monitoring

  • Legal Workflows and Matter Management

  • Internal Training and Learning Assessment

The benefits to clients by using KnomAI’s platform are seen in the allowance of a large user base collaborating on a single platform and coordinating efforts across multiple teams.  This has the added benefit of providing efficiency to work streams and streamlining processes.

However, the real value is added in the ease of use for the technical layman which allows professionals to focus on their work, instead of losing precious time and effort by navigating an otherwise complicated tool.

Illustration (Video)

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