Launch year: 2002
Country: France

AssessFirst: recruit better, faster, and easier!

Concept description

AssessFirst is a SaaS software helping to identify applicants with the highest potential for future success and job match in a company.

Founded in 2002 in Paris,  it counts nowadays more than 60 employees.

AssessFirst works with more than 3.500 clients in over 40 countries across the world.  As a result, its solution impacted the life paths of 5M+ candidates and employees. To permit this strong development through the years, after the first office opened in Paris in 2002, AssessFirst also opened three more offices in Berlin, London, and New York City.

Value proposition

AssessFirst provides all the insights needed for HRs to make the best decisions on every step of the talent management life cycle, in particular:

  1. Hiring new talent,
  2. Candidate experience,
  3. Developing existing talent,
  4. Managing role evolutions within the organization,
  5. Mobility,
  6. Potential assessment,
  7. Team performance.

Thanks to the solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, AssessFirst is also able to remove bias from decision-making. The solution analyses indeed 850 data points and 5.4M possible configurations for each decision.

AssessFirst’s SaaS uses data based on multiple criteria, to provide predictive analytics insights to its clients. The result of their technology is showed up among the companies they work with.

Companies have shown their workforce to be more productive by 30%, and two times faster. Nonetheless, employees turnover decreased by 50%, and diversity increased by 52%.

Illustration (Video)

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