Launch year: 2011
Country: UK
Funds raised: $5.2 million


Concept description

Autologyx is an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy cloud platform that automates processes.

Value proposition

Scale processes across a single platform

  • Build a custom data model and scale from a single process to many
  • Core features e.g. document automation, work queues and portals
  • Integrate existing or new point solutions and services with simple API connectors
  • Scale across multiple instances for repeatable customer tech-driven solutions

No Code Automation

  • No-code canvass to build and edit new processes
  • Right-click access to data model, tasks and process data
  • Off-the-shelf widgets for common automation tasks
  • Deep capabilities for experts where no-code isn’t enough

Reactive Process Engine

  • Processes are ‘live’ and programmable to react to any event or data input at any stage
  • All data generated (historic or current state) referenceable for analytics and further automation steps
  • Build real-time applications: e.g. follow-the-sun triage or live SLA driven processes
  • Auto-scaling architecture manages high volume workloads


Illustration (Video)

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