AXA follows the innovative way with his Withing Pulse connected bracelet, which gathers information on the user way of life to be able to personalize offers

Country: France
Year: 2014

  • Insurers are very interested by quality information on the client’s lifestyle.


  • In June 2014, AXA offered 1000 Modulango connected bracelets to their customers, in exchange for the exploitation of the data from the connected objects, in order to provide prevention advisory
  • This is a communication operation and an experiment
  • For the launch of this 4 week operation, AXA offered to give discount coupons to the best customers; those who will do the most physical activity per day
  • This is a first step in the valuation of the collected information, and the insurers are of course very interested in this data: possibilities include adapting their offers to the client’s lifestyle, and a more precise risk appreciation

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