Axle is a wealth management platform designed for family offices, asset managers and investment experts.

Country: Switzerland
Year: 2017


  • Axle enables the user to easily incorporate bankable and non-bankable investments, at each stage of the process
  • The platform delivers a full value chain of capabilities, and provides tailor-made solutions for the investment industry
  • The users can on-board the entire bankable wealth of their clients automatically, having the possibility to define and select the valuation, risk models, and can consolidate and easily report granular performances and risk analytics
  • It delivers insights from a risk-driven framework that give users a constant evaluation of all decisions
  • It includes functions like Client Management, Compliance, Investment Management, Risk Management, Research & Algorithm Development, Non-Bankable & Illiquid Asset Modelling, Total Wealth Consolidation & Controlling and Mid/Back Office Services and Consulting
  • Axle is the flagship product of B&B Analytics

Consumer Benefits

  • 360° Client Management: Axle includes a complete client lifecycle management on one platform
  • Improve decisions: The platform gives insights for the value and risk drivers of total wealth
  • Customization: The user can customize its investments and risk management processes.

How to use

  • Investor profiling: Future users have an interview, where the prospect gives their risk definition and tolerance. Axle identifies the risk profile
  • Investment proposal: The user incorporates their tactical views and investment universe into Axle
  • Client on-boarding: The user is initiated on the CRM module of Axle
  • Portfolio On-boarding: The user shares the client investment policy, set up the portfolio, and set up the evaluations on Axle
  • Performance and Risk Monitoring: Axle enables compliance with investment policy, performance attributions by asset class, country, sector, strategy, and position
  • Research: Axle delivers company and equity research, evaluation portfolios versus customizable peer groups and consolidate it
  • Investment Strategies: The user leverages Axle’s strategies, back-testing, and development capabilities to generate new investment ideas. For each idea, Axle delivers strategy evaluation, analytics, and feasibility studies
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