Banque Populaire

The drive-in for Banque Populaire : no more loose time for simple bank operations

Country: EuropeBanque Populaire
Year: 2014

  • Drive-in banking for Banque Populaire: no more lost time for simple bank operations
  • Banks are inspired from other industries
  • Financial servicing integrated into the customer journey, and on the go lifestyle


  • As in other industries like fast food and mass market retailing, some banks are using the concept of drive-in for simple bank operations and tasks
  • The customers can use ATM function without leaving their car
  • These simple bank operations are faster for customers and the cost of the branch is lower for the bank
  • We can even imagine the presence of an advisor, similar to fast-food drive-in services

Consumer Benefits

  • The user has access to a rapid and easy-to-use interface
  • Self-servicing in Banking allows him to combine driving with finances management
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