Barclaycard Ring cardmembers can discuss and vote proposals and a part of the “estimated profits” is shared among members based on participation

Country: United Statesbarclaycard
Year: 2012

  • Make users participate in marketing choices and make them understand the impacts of their choices
  • Transparency: Barclay’s shares financial stats, explains how decisions are made and impacts on cardmembers
  • Reward participation: here, linked to financial results


  • Social credit card designed through crowdsourcing:
    • Community members discuss and vote proposals concerning the credit card: fee changes, marketing ideas (design), RFID
    • Barclaycard evaluates the most voted proposals and makes a feedback on operational / financial impacts
    • Barclaycard shares financial results with the community
    • Giveback program : a part of the “estimated profits” (after deduction of operational costs) is shared among members based on their level participation. Giveback for January 2014 was $11K

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