Launch year: 2017
Country: United States (Iowa)
Funds raised: Not found

Benekiva – Transforming traditional insurance business with technology

Concept description

Benekiva is software-as-a-service, blockchain-enabled platform. The primarily purpose is to enable life insurance companies to operate a completely digital claim process. As a result, it helps to bridge the gap between insurance companies, policyholders and beneficiaries.

With an automated claim process, beneficiary information update is more proactive and efficient. This leads to asset retention and better data management. In addition, it also allows an insurance company to comply with the updated unclaimed property and law.

Value proposition

One of the key services is Bene-claims, which provides claim management, processing and payment. It comes with twelve distinct core functionalities as described below:

  1. Claim payment
  2. Operational efficiencies
  3. Customer experience
  4. Connectivity
  5. User interface
  6. Streamlined workflow
  7. Digitized document
  8. Configurable rules engine
  9. Reporting
  10. Claim management
  11. Integration
  12. Calculation engine

Illustration (Video)

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