Bitcoin Capital is a VC firm specialising exclusively in blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, offering daily dividends to investors through mining

Country: Cayman Islandsbitcoincapital
Year: 2015


  • Bitcoin Capital positions itself as a high-risk, high-return venture capital fund, investing exclusively in high growth blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency start-ups
  • Created by two cryptocurrency experts, Max Keiser and Simon Dixon, the company invests in successfully crowdfunded seed companies from StartJoin and
  • Funds from the VC firm are invested equally in three areas: mining which creates cash flow from newly mined Bitcoins; early-stage start-ups; cryptocurrencies and digital tokens
  • Investors can invest through the site from $100 and earn daily dividends, accumulate Bitcoins whilst learning more about the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector
  • Bitcoin Capital raised $1.6m in an equity crowdfunding round in June 2015 and its portfolio includes Factom, Storj, BitPesa, among other established blockchain firms

Consumer Benefits

  • Daily returns: are paid to investors in Bitcoin from mining and unlike traditional Venture Capital firms, investors do not need to wait until a company’s IPO
  • Industry knowledge: both founders have extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and can therefore spot potential high growth start-ups and cryptocurrency scams
  • Selected investments: based on long-term growth instead of short-term speculation to guarantee returns for investors

How To Use

  • Interested users are automatically redirected to where they can sign up using either a Facebook or LinkedIn account
  • From there, investors can browse open investment opportunities and invest with a minimum investment of $100
  • Companies interested in crowdfunding must apply through BnkToTheFuture before they can be considered for Bitcoin Capital funding


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