Launch year: 2016
Country: France
Funds raised: 1.2M €

Bloomin: monitor employee experience in real time

Concept description

Bloomin is a Paris-based startup born in 2016.

Since then, it raised 1.2M € funds, and now it counts more than 29 employees.

Bloomin’s aim is to help HRs monitor and improve the employee experience in real-time. Thanks to its software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, HRs are able to receive and analyze real-time insights on employees’ experience. Real-time data also allows HRs to take decisions based no longer on gut feeling. Moreover, Bloomin helps HRs to predict and anticipate potential issues and problems within the organization at a people management level.

Value proposition

Bloomin has developed a platform for Human Resources departments and managers which enables them to survey employees’ feelings in real-time. To do so, the results are instantly and transparently shared with the teams, then transformed into performance indicators.

This turnkey solution has real advantages, for instance its flexibility.

The manager has control over the content of surveys, their frequency, their triggering, and integration method. The, he can communicate them on any type of medium.

Thus, the employee responds on the channel that suits him best: computer, tablet, smartphone, intranet, his company’s mobile application, email, SMS or business application.

Through Bloomin, customers can therefore take action in several use cases:

  1. improve their candidate path,
  2. optimize the integration of new employees,
  3. improve satisfaction with training,
  4. organize teleworking,
  5. improve satisfaction with IS tools,
  6. strengthen the membership of employees despite a transformation.

Illustration (Video)

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