BuddyGuard is a multitask home security system


Country: Germany
Year: 2015
Flare by Buddyguard is a multitask home security system


  • Flare is a multitask home security system composed with an HD camera, a motion detector, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a microphone, a speaker, a siren, a 3G module, WIFI, a battery slot
  • It has an advanced artificial intelligence which allows it to make decisions to ensure the protection of the user’s home
  • It recognizes faces and voices
  • It knows when the user is at home or not thanks to the GPS location of the phone
  • It even detects unusual noises and then starts the alarm or makes domestic noises to scare the intruder away

Consumer Benefits

  • Flare has a discreet design and continues to work even without electricity
  • Flare is not just a security camera, it has a certain intelligence that allows it to make decisions and recognizes the user physically and vocally and it automatically covers the camera lens when the user is back home
  • The user can communicate with Flare: if the user says he will be away for the weekend, Flare will understand that and be twice as careful. It also only takes commands from its user

How to us it

  • The user can buy Flare. Once received the user must download the Buddyguard App and fix the device on a wall and it will start protecting the house.


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