CDLK Services offers intelligent data transformation programmes including a cashback solution to banks

Country: France
Year: 2013


  • CDLK Services (ex-Cardlinkin’) delivers card linked solutions: it transforms unexploited transaction data into smart data
  • According to CDLK, between 30-40% of transactions are incorrectly or not categorised
  • CDLK currently has four different solutions available to their clients:
    • CLO√solution: client loyalty, cash-back programme linked to bank cards
    • BUSINESS√insight: Retail marketing reports where KPIs are calculated for each point of sale
    • EASY√SEG: know your client programme includes behavioural segmentation of clients
    • SUPPORT√MERID: digital banking function with the auto-categorisation of all expenses
  • The startup has created a PDMP (Payment Data Management Platform) combining big data solutions and machine learning to optimise data leverage
  • The user interface gives access control and monitoring functions in order to follow business line support data, access and regular handling
  • CDLK is the first 100% French CLO solution

Consumer Benefits

  • Loyalty: the bank’s clients are more loyal to their bank since they are seduced by the adapted offers
  • Performance: merchants have access to targeted prospects and can increase their performance through adapted marketing actions

How It Works

  • Client pays with their credit card
  • CDLK collects the data about the purchasing and give it to the banks and merchants
  • Client receives an adapted and personalized offer

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