Launch year: August 2014
Country: Canada
Funds raised: $13M (Series A)

Cinchy – Data Collaboration via “Data Fabrics”

Concept description

A New Way to Share Data

Cinchy cures data fragmentation and duplication by creating a Data Collaboration platform via Data Fabric technology. This eliminates the need to create new databases for applications.  Cinchy promotes Data-As-A-Network, replacing the inefficient 40-year old approach of integrating applications using ETLs and APIs.  With Cinchy, applications reuse data instantly and securely, without complex integration. As a result, organizations save months of time and millions of dollars in dev.

Data Fabrics

A “Data Fabric” is the engine that accelerates Digital Transformation and powers the development of real-time solutions in half the time and cost of traditional approaches. Data Fabrics are able to combine data management, data protection, and data governance for large, highly-regulated organizations such as banks, insurers, and credit unions.

Cinchy instantly integrated new data sources a makes them available to all future projects. This compounds speed and efficiency in solutions delivery because data integration is steadily eliminated from the process. Additionally, the Data Fabric is also a single source of truth for the entire organization.  This makes it possible to democratize information, set universal access controls, and automate data governance.

Value proposition

Data Fabric technology is on the rise.

With a traditional IT project, the initial step is to identify data sources required to deliver the solution. Then, teams undertake a time-consuming and expensive data integration process that uses various techniques (e.g. ETLs, APIs) to transfer copies of data from other systems into a new database for the solution.

Over time, this cycle of copying data between fragmented systems becomes complicated, resulting in delays, budget overruns, and “shadow IT”.

Autonomous Data Fabrics accelerate development by leveraging and connecting data sources previously connected to the fabric to new builds.


Illustration (Video)

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