Online & Mobile Fraud Protection is a free service that helps to cover customers against loss if they have unauthorized electronic funds transfers in their Citibank deposit accounts

Country: United Statescitibank
Year: 2011

  • Citibank communicates on online & mobile fraud protection


  • Free automatic coverage. Online & Mobile Fraud Protection comes with no hidden fees, premiums or deductibles. Coverage is automatic, customers do not need to sign up.
  • Financial protection. Customers are covered for the full amount of the loss under Federal Banking Regulations, plus the loss of any interest, overdraft charges and returned check fees that customers may incur.

How to use

  • If customer think that someone has withdrawn or transferred money without his permission from their deposit account on Citi Online, Citi Mobile or Citibank for iPad, or that his User ID or Password have been lost or stolen. Then he must contact Citibank immediately. CitiBank is usually able to investigate claims within 10 business days.
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