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Launch year: 2017
Country: New York, United States
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Funds raised: $80.3M

Clarity AI

Concept description

Clarity AI is a sustainable finance startup.

Born in New York, USA, in 2017 the company now counts more than 100 employees, 4 offices (located in the US, Dubai, Madrid, and the UK) and throughout the years it was able to raise a total of $80.3M from different investors.

Clarity AI offers a Sustainable Tech Kit as a one-stop-shop for sustainability assessment, analysis, and reporting.

The platform created by the fintech company is based on proprietary technology. Its main feature is the ability to leverage big data and machine learning to assess sustainability for all societal types of stakeholders. Moreover, the data analysis span from sustainable climate, risk, and impact, to regulatory compliance. And it can easily be integrated into your workflow via API – or you can use the Clarity AI web app. 

Due to its commitment to sustainability, the company won the Impact Investing Platform of the Year Award in 2021.

Value proposition

Clarity Ai distinguishes itself by being a platform where the customer’s needs are fully customizable, with the motto “Impact goes beyond our planet and must relate to the people on that planet as well“. The focus is specifically oriented toward four areas of sustainability:

  • Impact
    • UN SDGs Impact, in line with the United Nations goal to provide the same language to measure impact, open up large economic opportunities and move the capital to sustainable businesses.
    • Impact highlights, to compare the clients’ impact with worldwide metrics and peers.
    • ESG Impact, to understand how to improve the societal impact while minimizing risk.
  • Risk
    • ESG Risk, calculated by using the SASB standard.
    • Corporate Controversies, obtained by tracking more than 100,000 news articles every day from more than 30,000 sources.
    • Exposure Screens, by looking at the publicly traded companies.
  • Climate
    • Carbon Emissions and Footprint, to check current and future projections of carbon emissions in real-time, together with other 4 metrics in place.
    • The Paris Agreement, to achieve the net-zero emission goal.
    • TCFD Alignment, to receive portfolio recommendations tailored to your sustainable engagement.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • SFDR, for general compliance.
    • EU Taxonomy, based on three criteria with the scopes to make a substantial contribution to one environmental objective, Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) to the other objectives, and meet minimum Social Safeguards.

As mentioned before, Clarity AI developed an end-to-end Saas technology able to provide a sustainability package of analysis that can either be provided directly from their website or integrated into the client’s workflow via API.

The company’s clients are different actors within the market (Banks, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers…) with the same goal: to build a portfolio based on their willingness to invest in green companies while making sure to comply with the local regulations.

Finally, Clarity AI offers a webpage where it displays use cases (Technology for Sustainability | Clarity AI) as a reference for the different stakeholders willing to commit to sustainable choices and check on their progress via this innovative technology.

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