Cloud-Clout is a company that stores data of clients in a secured cloud

Country: United Statescloud-clout
Year: 2015

  • Protection of sensitive information: Storing data on clouds is now much more than just a trend. It is a must do. Every company secures its data by putting it on a cloud. But, this brings some security issues. Once the data is out there any hacker or government can access it in some way. Financial institutions could partner with Cloud-Clout to suggest its corporate customers to use a cloud that fragments information so that even if one cloud is hacked, the intruder would only find a piece of the information and wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.
  • Prevention of information loss: If there are some technical problems with a cloud, it can be very dangerous for a company. Cloud-Clout suggests to fragment it on different clouds, so that the owner can access it even if one of them is not working.


  • Cloud-Clout is a company that offers a secured cloud in which customers can store their data
  • It allows customers to protect their gigabits, secure the data and shield the sensitive information from online threats
  • It splits data into different data servers: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox to ensure no data loss
  • There is a mobile App to access the cloud any time the customer wants

Consumer Benefits

  • Prevents data loss: Encrypts and fragments the data on different data clouds
  • No government, hackers, breaches can access data: The servers are located in many different countries and on many different servers. Nobody can access all the data. If some people try, they would only find parts of the data because it is split

How to use

  • For now, the company is at its Alpha program. The customer can download it online and install it.


  • Introduction to Cloud-Clout on YouTube
  • Virtualization practice presents Cloud-Clout (click to read the article)


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