Launch year: 2013
Country: United States
Funds raised: $44M (Series B)

Cloud9 – Digitizing voice conversations for the trading floor

Concept description

Cloud9 Technologies is a leading voice trading, communications and analytics platform designed for the unique needs of financial markets. They offer advanced trader communication, voice analytics, and transcription solutions.

Front Office Benefits
Cloud9’s technology handles millions of voice trader communications per day (across a network of over 5,000 institutional users). By digitizing the entire voice trading lifecycle and providing high-fidelity transcription of trade communications and associated metadata, Cloud9 enables traders to uncover and seize the value present within their voice trading conversations.

Regulatory Benefits
A major operational benefit of Cloud9’s technology – is that it enables firms to be fully compliant with major Regulatory Mandates. Cloud9’s built-in recording, encrypted storage options, and rich call metadata + transcription, and surveillance capabilities (like keyword spotting) allow firms to be fully compliant with all retention, recording, and surveillance requirements of MiFID II – while also exceeding the requirements of other major regulatory initiatives like Dodd-Frank.


Value proposition

While the digitization of trading has accelerated in recent years, legacy voice trading providers have offered little technological advances in the past four decades. Cloud9 is filling that void by driving innovation in the voice trader community.
From the need for better voice quality to cloud-based business continuity and advanced data management capabilities, Cloud9 is equipping traders of the future for success.

Cloud9 provides a fully-integrated voice infrastructure and a robust trading workflow for both voice and electronic communication.  This enables front-office, technology, and compliance professionals to make better decisions faster.


  • Trader Communications – Conduct voice trades with a reliable, affordable, and efficient cloud-based platform.
  • Voice Data – Collect and structure real-time metadata and transcription of trading conversations for a robust view of market intelligence for the front office.
  • Interoperability – APIs to industry voice infrastructure providers ensures optimal connectivity and third-party data sets.
  • Cost Reductions – Reduce communications costs by up to 50% by eliminating expensive private lines and desktop hardware.

Illustration (Video)

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