Colored Coins and Colu are revolutionizing the way we manage and exchange assets

Country: USA
coloured coins


  • Colu offers a mobile digital wallet, Colu Bag, that enables users to manage all their digital assets, like tickets, in one place
  • Colu also powers an engine targeting developers to provide them with the infrastructure to manage digital assets based on the blockchain technology and Colored Coins
  • Colored Coins is an open source protocol for issuing and tracking particular Bitcoins. These identified Bitcoins can be used to represent assets other than their literal Bitcoin value. Assets could be of various types from financial assets such as bonds to certificates and physical goods like bikes for instance. It is built on the blockchain, the Bitcoin technology, that is a public ledger in which all Bitcoin transactions, included the first one ever executed, are kept

Consumer Benefits

  • Creation of a decentralized, secure asset management that is low cost, transparent and fast because of Bitcoin technology
  • Colu offers the possibility to manage assets in one place and to transfer them easily to friends and strangers with each personal transferable IDs
  • Decentralized stock and bond exchange
  • Elimination of paperwork and middle men


The video shows how Colored Coins work:

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