CREDITS, the new blockchain platform with their own cryptocurrency

Country: Singapore
Year: 2014


  • CREDITS is a blockchain platform (protocol) with its own internal cryptocurrency CREDITS (CS). It is a new and unique technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and data protocol.
  • It is a platform with completely new technical network capabilities, speed, cost of transactions and total number of operations per second. It is an open platform which means that users and companies can create online services that implement the blockchain protocol.
  • CREDITS offer a new product for users. They designed new features by creating new algorithm to search for a consensus; a new scheme registry; an algorithm for processing and maintaining transation – based solutions for finite state machines based on the model of Federal voting nodes.
  • The CREDITS platform offers a solution to the problems of low speeds and high transaction costs. It expands the the potential blockchain technology has for the financial industry and the Internet of Things.

Consumer Benefits

  • High transaction speed
  • Low cost transactions
  • Consensus model: federal with a mechanism for resolving most nodes with permission to make a decision.
  • Smart contracts: Each smart contract is performed in a separate isolated virtual machine environment, allowing development in script languages ​​(JavaScript), extended work with the scheduled calendar.

How To Use

  • For now, CREDITS is still developing the platform and their ICO is starting soon.
  • They have two main goals on their business model:
    1. Increase in the value of currency: One of their main tasks is to promote the CREDITS platform and cryptocurrency. To do this, they will create a fund that will help to create products within the platform and will use CREDITS cryptocurrency.
    2. CREDITS on the stock exchanges: CREDITS tokens will be traded in the stock exchange after our ICO campaign


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