Launch year: 2010
Country: United States
Funds raised: $10.1M

DealCloud – Not Just a CRM: All-Inclusive Financial Services Software

Concept description

DealCloud, an Intapp Company, provides a single source deal, relationship, and firm management technology platform for over 800 capital markets firms in every aspect of their operations, from organizational structure to business development to execution.

DealCloud provides various solutions:

  •  Business Development
  •  Pipeline Management
  •  Marketing
  •  Reporting & Analytics
  •  Relationship Management
  •  Actionable Data
  •  Fundraising & Investor Relations
  •  Compliance

These technology solutions are purpose-built for the complex relationships and structures of private equity, growth equity, venture capital, real estate, and credit investors, as well as highly acquisitive private and public companies, investment banks, and M&A advisory firms.


Ben Harrison, DealCloud’s Founder and CRO, discusses DealCloud’s story:

Value proposition

Market leading capital markets firms are incentivized to modernize every aspect of their operations in order to stay competitive in an increasingly fragmented and crowded market. DealCloud offers vertical-specific solutions to help organizations drive growth, increase efficiency and profitability, manage risk and compliance, and deliver client success.

The generic CRMs will never achieve the firm’s desired outcome because the underlying technology cannot be retrofitted to manage complex relationships and deal structures of the capital markets. No matter the client’s organizational structure, strategy, mandate, or fund size, the unique understanding of various types of investors and advisors has enabled DealCloud to create an alternative that delivers full value to its clients.

Illustration (Video)

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