DemystData offers proven solutions to tier-one global banks, insurers, payment providers, and small business lenders

Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2010


  • DemystData is a software company that helps financial institutions harness data to serve more customers globally
  • DemystData centralizes external and internal data into one point of access trough a configurable and flexible platform
  • DemystData ‘s clients can access a universe of data about their customers and prospects including online, social media, images, etc
  • The platform is use to optimize real-time customer interactions across the full lifecycle, including marketing, fraud, risk, cross-sell, and servicing

Consumer Benefits

  • Financial institutions have access to better knowledge about customers and potential lend-seekers: DemystData integrates social, telecommunications information, and corporate data to create the risk profile associated with an individual or small business
  • Reliable and secure platform:
    The platform captures transaction patterns for audit requirements. Customer data is processed in milliseconds and then destroyed for minimal exposure. Data vendors go through a diligence review process and ongoing monitoring

How to use

  • The platform is a cloud solution that can be easily integrated to on premise application trough an API configuration


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