Digicash cooperate with banks to enable payments via QR Code

Country: Luxembourg
Year: 2012


  • Digicash is a spin-off of Mpulse,
  • Via mobile app, the company enables payments via QR codes in Luxemburg and soon in Belgium
  • Digicash product works for money transfers, bills, shops and internet payments
  • For in shop payments, the company provides a small electronic terminal to display QR codes
  • In Luxembourg, Digicash has partnerships with major banks including BNP, Post, and BCEE in order to facilitate use for their clients
  • Free of “use” and “transaction” fees

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast: enables payments in just 3 clicks and doesn’t require users to affiliate a credit/debit card
  • Multi-use: Digicash works for payments and money transfers between individuals
  • Security: payments confirmation via fingerprint

How It Works

  • Users have to download the app from Digicash and be clients from participating partner banks
  • Once a company allows QR code payments, consumers just have to open their app and flash the code


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