DSK Bank encourages its clients to have a financial good behavior through challenges and rewards


Country: Bulgarian
Year: 2013

  •  The use of rewards and prizes to influence customer behavior
  • The use of the gamification concept to promote new products


  • DSK Gameo is an app launched by DSK bank that encourages customers to save money and better manage their finances
  • The app encourages customers to set financial goals, undertake transactions or interactions, and educate themselves about new products
  • Customers are rewarded for these actions with points which can be exchanged against prizes, such as concert or sport tickets, vouchers or other incentives

How to use it

  • Once the app have been downloaded, the user sets up his personal financial goals (holidays, car, house, studies, presents, etc.)
  • The progress of the achievement is showed through a cup filled with Champaign
  • The user receives points when he makes progress in his financial goals
  • Once he accumulates points, he can exchange them against gifts


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