DXMarkets, a Singapore-based startup, offers a revolutionary trading platform to individuals and institutional investors alike

Country: Singapore
Launched in 2014, DXMarkets is a Singapore-based Fintech company that offers an innovative way for everyone to trade digital currencies. The company currently operates in both Singapore and the UK region.
The platform leverages Blockchain technology to disrupt typical financial processes. Current product offering includes front-to-back settlement systems, digitization of illiquid assets, market making, smart contracts and strategic consulting support. The trading platform is targeting both individual and corporate clients.
DXMarkets has been chosen to be part of Fusion, a 12-month long Fintech accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland. The company regards it as a catalyst to launch in the European market.


  • DXMarkets provides a professional level trading platform for digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, allowing entry-level and professional traders to tap into the market and take advantage of the technology-embed tool.
  • Companies can use the platform to optimize their balance sheet by converting illiquid assets into digital tokens.
  • Currently, it is only possible to deposit and trade digital currencies, but DXMarkets is planning to integrate fiat money deposits in the near future.

Consumer Benefits

  • Blockchain Technology: DXMarkets leverages the decentralized ledger technology to enable instant settlement of digitized assets.
  • Cost-efficiency: The built-in settlement system guarantees the trade life-cycle so that human errors, counterparty risks and operational costs can be reduced.
  • Customized: The service is client-centric. For example, the smart contracts can self-model the digital instruments to create self-executing trades.
  • Security: Clients are required to provide personal information, as the platform is compliant with AML and CDD regulations.
  • Trading fees: Corporate clients with high volume of trades will enjoy lower fees.
  • Free trial: The platform is currently in the Beta phase and any user can trade for free.

How it works

  • Create an account and input the required information.
  • Once request permitted, log in and receive 1,000 free Dogecoin as reward.
  • Start trading.

Video Illustration

(Miguel Neumann, Co-Founder & COO of DXMarkets, Speaking at our FinTech Open Mic Night – Blockchain Finance in Jersey)

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