Dynamics Inc. is an innovative payment tool


Country: USA
Year: 2010
Dynamics Inc. is an innovative payment tool 

  • Create a “Frequent traveller” offer: Banks could differentiate themselves by offering a payment card to frequent travellers that would eradicate any fees related to change in currency


  • Dynamics Inc. offers next generation interactive card design and next generation processing accounts, while bringing the next step to personal payment card personalization
  • It has partnered with MasterCard to create a multi-currency card
  • It is responding to the need of lowering international fees when using payment cards while travelling in countries where the card has not been issued
  • With the new technology developed by Dynamics Inc., owners of MasterCards will no longer pay those fees
  • No fees when traveling to a foreign country
  • Teaches the consumer a very valuable skill: interact with the device before making a payment. It prepares the consumer for a future digital card.
  • Easy to use : Just push a button to change currency when the user is in a foreign country and it allows him save money

How it works 

  • There is a button located on the payment card. When travelling, the user can push the button to change the currency. For example, let’s say the user goes to the UK. He can press the pound button on the payment card and it will write a pound based account number and if he goes back to the US it will create a dollar based account number.
  • Click on video bellow to see Carlos Melendez on MasterCard’s partnership with Dynamics Inc.

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