Launch year: 2008
Country: United States
Funds raised: $72M, over 2 rounds

EIS Group: The Digital Insurance Platform

Concept description

EIS Group created a fully-integrated cloud-based digital insurance platform for both personal and commercial insurers. The platform and its applications allow carriers to manage the insurance life cycle within one simplified and consolidated location.

The EIS Suite offers services faster and more efficiently, which reduces IT and operating costs for insurance companies. This permits them to focus on the development of new products and innovations. Companies can therefore ensure continuous growth, while maintaining long-term success.

End users are placed at the center of the platform, on which they can digitally and directly perform data analysis, document management and planning, easing their overall insuring process.

Value proposition

Uniquely fastercontinuously betterforever stronger 

The platform enables insurers to gain a 360 view of each customer, offering them the opportunity to efficiently tailor their products and services offers.

The EIS Suite includes the following API-enabled functions, to enhance connectivity and user-experience:

  • PolicyCore, for policy administration and underwriting,
  • BillingCore, for the consolidation of all billing and financial information,
  • ClaimCore, allowing for complete claim management,
  • CustomerCore, to better manage and engage customers.

Illustration (Video)

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