Launch year: 2016
Country: United States
Funds raised: $77.6M (Series A)

Ellevest – Investment banking for women

Concept description

Ellevest aims at closing gender money gaps, but it welcomes clients of all gender identities and expressions. It is a robo advisor designed especially for women, tailoring portfolios and advice to client’s specific needs and goals.

  • The platform includes a simple website and mobile app
  • Clients can adapt portfolios to make them more or less aggressive, depending on the goal
  • The client can also manage multiple goals in a single account
  • Ellevest helps to reduce overall taxation of the portfolio too

Value proposition

The founder of Ellevest has identified a niche market : women are indeed a minority within the investment world.  For instance, 86% of investment advisors are 50+ years old men.

In addition, Ellevest differentiates itself through three factors:

  • Real world goals: They calculate financial goal targets to meet specific needs, including a larger retirement target amount for longer lifespan.
  • Tailored recommendations: They suggest how much the cleint should contribute based on their financial profile, a gender-specific salary curve & their goal targets.
  • No cookie-cutter portfolios: They use insights on the client’s finances and gender to build investment portfolios. As a result, these help the client reach their goals or better in 70% of markets.

On top of these differentiators, Ellevest is an educational platform for women. Through communication, newsletter and financial events, Ellevest breaks the entry barrier for women who wants to enter the investment world.

Ellevest gives its clients the opportunity to invest in intentional impact portfolios. The portfolio is comprised of companies that support women, greenhouses, workplace safety, non-gun use and human rights. It allows women to feel in safe environement for investment.

Illustration (Video)

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