Launch year: January 2019
Country: France
Funds raised: €6,5 million


Concept description

  • Equisafe’s mission is to democratize Investments by investing anytime and anywhere.
  • This FinTech company  aims to reshape the Capital stock (liabilities) management and financial information sharing
  • They have therefore developped a multi-service platform to serve as innovative technical support for investments on the capital markets
  • Equisafe uses blockchain technology and time-stamped smart ledgers to solve stock market problems, with a focus on simplifying and speeding up the process of investing in private companies

Value proposition

  • The platform gives commercial entites the possibility to connect and invest directly via its portal
  • Commercial entites can legally record and secure each transaction by using « smart contracts»
  • Faster, cheaper and more secure new investment opportunities

Illustration (Video)
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