Launch year: 2016
Country: France
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Funds raised: €500.000

Estimeo, the valuation and rating platform

Concept description

Estimeo is an information, rating and valuation platform for startups.

The start-up has developed an algorithmic equity scoring methodology. This automatic rating is carried out using a combination of private and public data in order to evaluate the startup’s ability to raise funds and its potential for value creation.

Estimeo has several offers 

  • Startups: Target investors/business partners, prepare for fundraising and help to gain in visibility.
  • Incubators & accelerators: Pre-select the startups to accompany and measure & follow their progress.
  • Investors: Qualify high-potential startups and select them on an independent criterion the startups.
  • Banks & Corporates: Source and select future innovative partners.

Value proposition

Rating, understand startup positioning

The tools of rating evaluate 6 dimensions through an algorithm:

  1. Human
  2. Offer
  3. Market
  4. Strategy
  5. Innovation
  6. Finance

It enables to get an objective measuring that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the startup according to the stage of development. Then the algorithm will proposes potential investors according to the rating obtained. In addition, thanks to the score the startup can compare its performance with an industry benchmark.

Valuation, calculate the valuation of a startup

The valuation is based on an algorithm able to evaluate immaterial from simple data. The valuation is essentially based on startup declaration.

It is an unbiased solution based on 6 different methods in order to be flexible enough for all type of startups.

Valuation methods are:

  • Direct declaration
  • Scorecard
  • DCF
  • Checklist
  • VC Estimeo
  • Comparable/dilutive

Example of an extract of the rating & valuation


Illustration (Video)

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