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Launch year: 2018
Country: Switzerland
Funds raised: None

Evooq, an innovative digital investment tool for Wealth Managers provided by a Swiss fintech – [#22126]

Concept description

  • Evooq is a Swiss fintech which provides Wealth Managers with investment solution softwares, focusing not only on state-of-the-art features for portfolio management but also on a modern and intuitive User Experience
  • The offer includes different modules such as but not limited to: products and portfolios risk evaluation, product lifecycle management and investment proposals generation
  • Combined with its sister-company Edgelab (founded in 2011 and owned by the same shareholders), which created and develops the risk metric part of their offer, they currently hold clients in Europe (both EU and Switzerland) and Asia, both tier 1 and tier 2 wealth managers, for above 100 billion CHF assets managed by their solutions
  • Evooq/Edgelab prides itself on its “open architecture”, which allows them to easily integrate their softwares as services through API if the client so chooses. For specific module, like the investment proposal one for example, an on-premise installation is also possible

Value proposition

  • Evaluate the risk of a product or portfolio:
    • Thanks to its team of experts in financial market mathematics and statistics, Evooq & Edgelab deliver a modern risk modeling tool that provides several risk KPI, from industry standards like Volatility to newer ones like CVaR (Conditional Value at Risk, also known as Expected Shortfall)
    • Users, usually financial advisors, can also further their portfolio analysis by applying stress test scenarii to it, choosing among a wide variety of historical events that is continually enriched
  • Generate investment proposals:
    • The above evaluation method gives a number of portfolio quality indicators, that integrate both risk datas, regulatory and client constraints
    • Based on this analysis, the user can then simulate transactions on the portfolio through Evooq’s Investment Proposal workflow tool and see their impact
    • A robo-advisor, called optimizer, can also be used to automatically generate transaction simulations that will solve all potential issues while respecting the Wealth Manager’s specific constraints (like product recommandations for example)
  • Stimulate the business:
    • Several complementary modules can help the Wealth Managers, for example giving him the ability to create and manage commercial campaigns
      • Those campaigns can follow different strategies: sales campaigns, Suitability breaches resolution, update of a product recommandation following a market event, etc.
      • They can be either created by the investment services management or an individual user who would like to industrialize a specific action
    • Another module is the product lifecyle one, that eases the management of specific financial products, from their creation and sale to their expiry
  • Automate and digitalize key points of the processes:
    • Evooq also developed two specific modules that aim at simplifying two key steps of the relation of the Wealth Manager and its end customer:
      • A client profiling tool which assesses the customer’s risk/return profile
      • A portfolio reporting tool which generates data-enriched documents on portfolio holdings

Illustration (Video)

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