“FamiHeroCity” aims to be the Uber of in-home services simplifying the customer journey for users

Country: Francefamiherocity
Year: 2014
An insurance company can:

  • Partner with FamiHeroCity to insure the service provided, including the coverage of the FamiHero service provider, the apartment owner, the apartment etc. in case of any incidents or damages during the time of the service
  • Include such FamiHeroCity type of services in its home insurance offers. If a home insurance customer subscribes to a FamiHeroCity service, he/she could get a % reduction in his premium 


  • “FamiHeroCity” recently launched in France, has an objective of providing in-home services via the internet, for users seeking babysitters, cleaners and handymen
  • It promises to bring better access to good home services as well as reduced agency fees for service providers

Consumer Benefits

  • The website distinguishes itself by offering convenience and security. Users can reserve up to 2 hours in advance, as compared to existing services that require reservations several days ahead
  • All service providers are verified by the website, interviewed, proven their identities and screened their references – only those who have 95% or above positive evaluations stay online and the remaining are pulled out of the database
  • Users are also offered an insurance guarantee of EUR 300,000.
  • Users are not billed until the chore has been completed. An invoice is billed automatically

How to use

  • Service provider “Hero”: service providers can create an account on the website and fill in their expertise. The FamiHeroCity team contacts the service provider, discusses their profile in detail and activates their account after a process of interview and screening
  • User: users can choose the type of service they are looking for, including house cleaners, baby sitters or handymen in their area. Based on the previous ratings of the service providers and their fees, users can contact them online and fix an appointment


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