Famust is a peer-to-peer e-reputation tool where users can centralize all online reviews made about them in one place

Country: Francefamust
Year: 2015

  • Risk assessment tool: Keep an eye on this platform to see how reliable customers are and reduce risks for insurers.


  • In partnership with MAIF, ZenWeShare, a French start-up, created Famust, an e-reputation company for consumers in 2015. The user creates an account on which they can centralize all the reviews and comments made about them on different peer-to-peer platforms such as: Ebay, Airbnb, Blablacar etc.
  • There is also a directory with more than 300 different sharing economy platforms (housing, transportation, objects etc.) which enables the user to look for the product or service they need or want to share with peers.

Consumer Benefits

  • Build trust: this tool enables its users to build a level of trust for all sharing economy platforms.
  • Convenient: the platform is also easy to use as it automatically updates itself with new reviews and comments.

How to use

  • The user creates an online account and connects their current Airbnb, Blablacar, Ebay, Couchsurfing, Priceminister etc. accounts to Famust by simply clicking on “connect” on the Famust platform and entering their usernames and passwords.
  • A search option is available to look for different peer-to-peer platforms in order to share or get services or products from peers.
  • The link to these reviews can be shared on other sharing economy platforms.
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