Using machine learning and big data, Feedzai’s goal is to predict and detect fraud within payment transactions globally

Country: USAImage2
Year: 2009


  • Targeting fast growing businesses, Feedzai analyses millions of online risk factors and data points to automatically block bad orders and reduce manual check-ups
  • The platform can control for its customers and therefore create precise and predictive risk profiles
  • Feedzai focuses on payment transactions and works across payment types including: card, vouchers, prepaid cards, tokens or Bitcoin
  •  The platform was created in Portugal but has been relocated to the USA. Already present in six offices worldwide, Feedzai’s objective is to open new ones within a few years starting with opening an office in London

Consumer Benefits

  • Money saving: by a scoring analysis, Feedzai determines high risk profiles and thus sets up matching controls in order to reduce fraud 
  • Time saving: by reducing shipment delays and excessively flagged reviews
  • Reliable: using machine learning and big data models, the platform gives a high level of confidence and granularity

How To Use

  • Users can request a demo online and then sign-up through the website
  • Machine-learning will give users a risk score for every order
  • Then a notification email is sent when a suspicious order is made
  • Users can ask Feedzai which orders should be blocked to be aware of the fraud easily in the future


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