Defining themselves as the Robin Hood of fees, FeeX aims to find and cut hidden fees for free and by doing so, create a trustworthy relationship with its users

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Country: Israel
Year: 2012

  • FeeX is playing the transparency card to attract users and build a trustworthy relationship with them. FeeX is positioning itself on the users’ side
  • FeeX lets its users see examples of anonymous portfolios that have the same risk profile as them, so they can compare how much fees they are paying. It is a way for FeeX to make the experience more social


FeeX’s purpose is to find and cut (hidden) fees on users’ retirement and brokerage accounts

  • The user creates an account in less than 30 seconds and can plug in all his investments accounts (IRA, 401(k) and brokerage). FeeX then examines 8 different types of fees and displays how much they are currently paying in fees. It then proposes lower cost alternatives to reduce the fees they are paying
  • FeeX displays amounts in dollars instead of percentages on a 30-year period to help people realize how much money they are losing with their current investments. The Start-up said that it has helped its customers save over $300m to date
  • The team would like to expand their services to mortgage, credit card statements and insurance policies in the future


  • Free to use
  • Premium services coming
  • Available in the US and Israel


  • Compare different investments possibilities, display the fees and returns for each investment to the users so he can take the decision that suits him best
  • FeeX displays graphics on its website to let the user know whether the fees they are paying are low or high compared to what others are paying


Short presentation of FeeX’ features

Interview of Yoav Zurel, CEO of FeeX

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