Launch year: 2017
Country: Canada – Montreal
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Funds raised: US$ 1M

Flare Systems – Digital Surveillance System

Concept description

Flare Systems provides solutions to reduce risks made by humans or malicious actors in order to protect their data, financial resources and, in the meantime, their reputation. By monitoring continuously illicit network on the dark, deep and clear web, they are able to understand the threat and prevent it.

Flare System’s mission is to make their clients understand the extent of their digital risk. As a result, it allows them a quick reaction to protect their brand and  financial resources.

Value proposition

Flare Systems develops an online user-friendly interface called Firework. Firstly, it can identify any threats or digital asset that a human error or malicious actors make public. By analyzing and blocking high risk transaction from criminal originated sources and by monitoring client’s footprint online, they can then prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

This platform also permits to prevent from phishing attack and account takeover by employees or customers with real-time notifications on what information is leaked online about their company.

Hence, Firework permits to minimize operational risk of their clients.

Illustration (Video)

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