Flinks is a financial data aggregator that facilitates, for businesses, access to their users’ financial data

Country: Canada

Year: 2016


  • Flinks connects any platform with over 250,000,000 Canadian financial accounts; connecting Banks and FinTech companies through a financial data gateway, enabling enhanced digital onboarding, risk modeling, and insights.
  • Flinks supports all the major Canadian banks and credit unions which represent a 98% coverage of the Canadian consumer market.
  • Flinks API allows to:
    • Access KYC information: full name, civic address, email and phone number
    • Verify bank accounts: institution, transit and account numbers, for all accounts linked to a session.
    • Verify real-time balance
    • Access up to 12 months of transaction history
    • Access monthly bank statement in PDF format

Consumer Benefits

  • Convenience: Flinks gathers customer’s banking data available in a single space, which makes it much easier to consult information and operations of all kinds. For example:
    • Payments: Flinks simplifies the lives of users by allowing them to instantly authenticate their accounts allowing for more seamless onboarding and international money transfers coming in and out of Canada. Flinks acts as a facilitator for payment processors.
    • Personal lending: Flinks offers its users a simple, and quick way to get authenticated
    • Business Financing: Flinks financial API simplifies the onboarding process of Merchant Advance’s loan applicants. Specifically, this means less paperwork and a faster application.
    • Crypto: Flinks financial API allows crypto users to instantly synchronize their bank account. reducing friction during onboarding, as well as reducing the quantity of failed transfers.
  • Superior Uptime and reliability: being the only financial API dedicated to the Canadian market, Flinks allows faster connections in order to reduce wait-time for end-users. Flinks also connects with more financial institutions, supporting over 98% of the consumer market. The iframe integration offers a seamless way to connect apps with banks, which can be completed within a matter of minutes.
  • Customization: Flinks offers a custom interface to users. With the API integration, you can present your own UI to your customers

How It Works

  • An API (Application Programming Interface) allows a software application to communicate in an easy and secure way with a remote application over the Internet. The Flinks API mirrors the complete authentication process for a bank. Beginning with a username and password, the API allows the company’s code to log in, respond to security challenges (such as two-factor authentication), and finally retrieve data.
  • Flinks Connect will handle credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each institution that they support. It is a ready-to-use solution for companies to integrate without having to handle all of the edge-cases that come with integrating a Financial API.

Flinks works in two ways: either its platform will simply “scratch” the information available by accessing your account, or it plugs directly into the database of a partner institution
Any initial connection requires the user to interact in real-time with Flinks API. Once authorized into their account, the API is able to pull any data the user wishes to synchronize with their app.
Flinks enables apps to talk directly to the users’ financial data through:

  • Account verification: Companies can safely deposit in their users’ bank account when they receive users’ institution, transit and account numbers, allowing them to avoid failed deposits or withdrawals.
  • Account transactions: Users access their personal or business transaction data through the app. Parallelly, companies can receive up to 12 months of the users’ transaction history along with real-time data allowing them to conduct their underwriting
  • Balance verification: Companies are able to safely schedule withdrawals in users’ bank account. Companies have access to their users’ real-time balance allowing them to avoid returned transactions such as non-sufficient funds
  • ID verification: Companies know exactly who they’re dealing with when they receive the name of the account owner, allowing a positive match between what the users say, and who they really are.


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