Fluttrbox is the Uber of drone services for insurance companies

Country: Canada fluttrbox
Year: 2013

  • Risk assessment: an insurance company can leverage drones to perform pre-underwriting risk assessment (a first prototype is under construction at the AXA Tech Innovation Lab).


  • Fluttrbox is an online platform that provides drone services to insurance companies that want to assess the risk of a client’s property. This aims to improve loss adjustment for insurance companies.
  • Fluttrbox sends out drones to capture images of the area. It has a “crowdsourced” network of authorized pilots across North America then creates a detailed maps that is accessible on the online platform wherever the carrier is.
  • Loss adjusters have also access to tools to view the characteristics.

Consumer Benefits

  • Efficiency: using drones for property inspection enables to save travel time to and from the property and associated costs.
  • Improved reliability: the drone captures images and provide up to date information about the property.

How to use

  • The carrier can register online to choose the area of interest. Fluttrbox will pool local (local licensed pilots) resources and will begin to funnel real time data using drones. The data is collected and turned into valuable insights.
  • In case of a claim, the drone can be sent out again to assess the damage and make detailed pictures for the loss adjustor to respond to the claim.


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