Fortu Wealth digitizes Private Banking

Concept description

Fortu Wealth provides a platform to digitise core private banking services. The platform allows direct contact between the client and the personal private banker through a technical solution. Fortu Wealth allows the client to have:

  • direct access from its phone or the web to its multicurrency payment accounts
  • all documentation automatically recognized after upload, including invoice details
  • confirm payments through voice recognition with no need to call or email an execution desk
  • currency conversions in real time and at real rates
  • instant access to its cash accounts to make payments on the go using Fortu pre-paid debit card that supports higher volume transactions
  • a personal Wealth manager available 24/7 through face to face call

Value proposition

Fortu Wealth improves the speed of execution and the communication by introducing new technologies that takeaway the challenges faced when dealing with a private bank (e.g. numerous forms to fill out, paperwork, ..).

Fortu Wealth also allows its clients to invest in unique investment in different asset classes through its platform.

Illustration (Video)

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