Launch year: 2015
Country: United Kingdom
Funds raised: $15,000,000

Freetrade is a commission-free investing app

Concept description

Freetrade app is an investment mobile application, without commission.

It gives private individuals the possibility to invest in US and UK listed-stocks and ETFs.

To support its model, Freetrade built an in-house brokerage platform to execute trades directly on the market. The goal is to limit execution cost and time.

Value proposition

Freetrade provides a safe platform for individuals to manage their own investment portofolio:

  • FCA-regulated broker: Freetrade meets all the rules and regulations from the UK Financial Conduct Authority and is also authorized to provide investment services to clients
  • Nominee accounts and third party custodians: A third party entity holds Stocks and ETFs to prevent creditor to use client’s investment to cover Freetrade’s liabilities
  • Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS): Client’s investment are covered by the FSCS to a maximum of £85,000

Illustration (Video)

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