FTCash enables electronic payments for micro-merchants and SMEs ,

Country: India
Year: 2015


  • FTCash offers electronic payments solutions to small merchants and SMEs in India
  • The platform aggregates several payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards and online wallets
  • The Indian start-up derives its revenues from fees applied on each transaction made through its platform (from 0,99%)
  • As an additional service, FTCash offers the possibility to merchants to take out loans to develop their business
  • Since its launch in 2015, FTCash raised $1,1 million from IvyCap Ventures and 500 startups

Consumer Benefits

  • Accessible: no Point Of Sale device needed to accept payments through FTCash
  • Holistic: global solution for merchants including electronic payments and loans application
  • Secure: no cash transactions anymore for micro-merchants

How It Works

  • In less than 5 minutes,merchants and SMEs register on the FTCash’s website
  • Once they received their agreement, merchants are able to receive payments via their merchant’s page on the FTCash mobile app or by using a dedicated payment link


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